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InstaFriday 3.8.13

Good Friday to you all!

I hope you've had a good week and have fabulous plans for the weekend!  I have been working so, so hard on getting my patterns released, and there is much more work to be done - so this weekend I've decided to give myself a hot minute and just sew for fun, in an effort to regain my sanity.  :)  Plus I always feel recharged after a quick new project.  It'll be nice to blog about something other than this pattern line, amiright?

So here is my week in review, as seen through my Instagram foolishness.

I was Google searching for sweater knit sources, and Joann Fabrics came up.  I was intrigued, so I clicked.  This is what met me on the page:

Cats in Sweaters.  CATS. IN SWEATERS.
Go home, Joann.  You're drunk.

Then a few nights later, we made some cats in sweaters!

Funfetti with orange frosting... Tastes like an Orange Creamcicle!

Then one night while sewing, and Instagraming, and enjoying an adult beverage - I hit a pin on my serger.  NEVER have I ever done this, and guess what happened?  The KNIFE broke.  Not the pin - the pin isn't even bent.  The top part of the knife flew off, right by my eye, before I even realized what actually happened.


Horrifying and also really not good for business!  I had to finish the leopard print sweater you see here by the next day.  So off I went the next morning to my local sewing machine shop to get a replacement knife.  THIRTY dollars, in case you were wondering.  That Pabst Blue Ribbon cost me THIRTY dollars.

Shiny new knife. All is well with the world.

I shared a picture of the lines of my Bimaa Pattern... they are colorful!  The Hosh Pants are digitized in all black lines, but that wasn't possible with the Bimaa.  Pretty, non?

And, finally, listed for sale!  Clicking that Publish button is an amazing feeling.  I can't wait to do it again and again.  :)

Bought myself these ridiculously amazing loafers on Etsy for $20 including shipping.  Sort of a congratulatory gift-to-self, and also in anticipation of Spring!  My favorite season!

Drool.  They have arrived since, and they are spectacular.

But today - this is happening:

Oye.  SO Winter weary.
It's supposed to be in the 50's all next week, so there is light at the end of the snow blower.

So that's my week in Instagram pics.  Come follow - there are lols to be had.  :)


And here's what I think I'm making for Emmy's birthday dress... 

New Look 6115.  The adorable bow version.

I have this fabric that I really want to use for it - it's just a matter of finding the perfect mate to use for the other panels of the dress:

Maggy London satin, found here.  (There's 5 yards left as of now... If ya' like it, better hustle!)
So I'll raid my stash tonight and see what I have to work with it.  I think it'll be really cute - I pull this pattern out all the time to remind myself to make the dang thing!  The bow!  The panels!  Ahh!  Perfect for a lovely lady who's turning three, don't you think?  :)

So what are YOU doing this weekend?!  Do share.


  1. I just finished another Bimaa Sweater! I'll send you a picture later! You definitely deserve a fun break, and so glad that knife missed your eye!

    1. YES! That's awesome, Veronica! I can't wait to see it! And, yeah... very happy to still have both eyes. :D

  2. So much to comment on!! Drinking and sewing seems to be a lesson that I have to learn again and again.... Bummer about the knife. Good thing you still have your eye. :) I've never broken a knife, but have broken many a pin. Cant wait to see the dress!

    1. Lol, Kenda I know it! That second glass of wine (or whathaveyou) is NEVER a good idea. Ever.

      The dress is just about done! Just needs the zipper and the bow! So cute!

  3. I had to come and poke around a bit. After all, I am on a mission to sew a sweet Doli tank! And OMG!! I don't think I would have survived that break...I can't even believe a little ol pin would do that to the knife. It's big...and chunky. Damn!! Glad it went by your eye and not in it!! I am scared to death that I'm gonna chop the tip of my finger of one day with that thing. Now I think maybe, just maybe my finger would survive? Still scared...
    PS. I love all of your patterns and can't wait to try my hand at the Doli. Oh and that girl of yours? Well, I can't express just how lovely she is!!



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