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The Lady Skater Pattern Tour!

Good morning, all!

Today's my day to share with you my Lady Skater dress!

Amanda of Kitschy Coo - the mastermind behind the Skater Dress for both kids and adults - has become such a great friend of mine.  And omgyouguys she is stateside right now, and I GET TO MEET HER THIS WEEKEND!  I can't wait.  We're going to slow-run to each other in our Skater Dresses, with our children also in their Skater Dresses.  Epic.

Come!  Check out ma'dress!

I was lucky enough to be a tester when Amanda was preparing to release this pattern, so I already knew I loved it, and I already knew the fit was great.  So with that knowledge, I felt free to play around a little bit with added details.  I love the way it came out!  Even though it's 90 degrees here on a cool day lately, this dress is totally perfect for my office job, year-round.

Let me tell you how long it took me to pick a fabric for this dress.  Forever, that's how long.  I wanted a printed dress because in my head that's what I thought I was more comfortable in.  But I love the design and lines of this pattern so much that no matter which print I tried (omg you guys I bought so many lol), I was never totally happy with how it was going to look.  So ultimately I settled on a solid.  Like, two days ago.

I used a black light/mid weight rayon lycra from Jo-Ann.  I still don't know what drew me to the black.  I'm more of a navy/olive/burgundy girl.  After a little boatload of stressing, it hit me - I needed to add something to make the black less severe.  Enter: floral chiffon!

On the bodice front pattern piece, I cut the strap/shoulder area on an angle, about 5 inches down.  Then I used that new pattern piece to make two chiffon overlays.  Then I got into a fisticuffs and swearing match with said chiffon until it was nicely attached.

I LOVE this detail!  I think it really softened up the whole look and made the dress super unique.  I can picture it with leather, sequins, etc. as inserts/overlays, too!  Or what about a back yoke?!?!

Here's a closer shot of the overlays, as well as my tragic decision to not change my serger thread.
At the bottom of the chiffon overlay, I folded under once and bonded (using Heat 'n Bond), then stitched twice to make sure that sucker behaved itself.  So far so good, I can report.  

The only other change I made to the original pattern was to slash and spread the skirt, making something closer to a 3/4 circle skirt.  This fabric was too drapey and delicious not to!  Here's a better shot of how full the skirt is:

Perfect for dancing outside by a tree, whenever the mood strikes!

Cha cha CHA!

I adore this pattern to bits, I can't recommend it highly enough.  The instructions are incredibly thorough, and there is a crib-sheet version of the instructions for those already comfortable sewing with knits.  I found that SO handy.  Of course, I also love the original Skater Dress for kids too - you can see my versions of those here and here!

Additionally, Amanda has extra Lady Skater content on her blog with helpful how-to's and some really cool, simple changes you can make to alter your dress. Do check that out!

You can head over to Amanda's Shop to get your copy of the Lady Skater pattern!  And don't miss the other stops on the pattern tour.  There have been some incredible dresses made from this pattern!

  Many many thanks to Amanda for having me on the Tour!  Can't wait to see you, Lady!

Have a great day, guys!

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  1. I could totally eat you up for breakfast! You look so damn cute!!!! xxxxxxooooo Love those patches so much!!!

  2. loooooove the chiffon!! looks so cool! I totally understand not changing your serger thread. It takes so much damn time!

  3. Love it Sarah!! I LOVE it! I definitely want to make one with leather inserts!!

  4. It's a beautiful dress! I love the inserts...they are a great detail against the black.:)

  5. Sarah--this is awesome!!! I love the full skirt, and just the overall pattern! I'm making a 'master' list for fall (when things calm down enough for excessive sewing...i hope. please?)and I think this pattern will have to be on it. You look mighty fine tree dancing, I must say.

  6. I love it!! Such a perfect little touch with the chiffon inserts. Limitless possibilities! Great job!!

  7. Super cute dress, I love the shoulder details! Now there just needs to be a skater dress pattern for teens (like me!) :)



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