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Heidi and Finn - Slouchy Cardigan

Good Thursday to you, friends!

So I mentioned last week that I had the pleasure of pattern testing for Heidi and Finn.  Today the pattern is available!  Check out the Slouchy Cardigan:

This pattern is so great!  It's a super fast make, and knits (especially sweater knits) are just my favorite favorite fabrics to sew with.  Not to mention the Slouchy Cardigan is so comfy for kids.  I want this sweater for me.  A lot.

I used a ponte knit for this version, and I can't remember where I got it!  I think I'm going to start cutting little swatches of my fabrics when I get them so I can remember what it is and where it's from!  Do any of you guys do something like that?  Or do I just buy too much fabric?  NEVAAR!

As with all Heidi and Finn patterns, you don't need a serger to put this beauty together.  But if you DO have a serger, this cardigan is a less-than-an-hour project.  Another super quick and unfathomably adorable Heidi and Finn pattern is the Ballet Sweater, that I made HERE for this past Spring's Kids Clothes Week!

So go forth, and collect all the cozy Fall sweater knits!  Make all the sweaters!   :D  

As you can see - it's Emmy-approved:

A round-up of the Slouchy Cardigan testers and their creations will be on the Heidi and Finn blog later today or tomorrow, so be sure to check that out!  There were some very cute versions I saw in the testing group!

Have a great day, everyone!  Happy almost weekend!   :D

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  1. This is such a cool sweater! I love it and your little girl is adorable :)



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