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InstaFriday 8.16.13


I hope you all had a great week.  I sure did - I got a BOATLOAD of sewing done - which feels spectacular since I've been in such a lull lately.  Sewjo's back, baby!  :D

So, this week in Instagram Shenanigans... 

I got mega-lucky and was asked to pattern test for Heidi and Finn - the newest pattern is called the Slouchy Cardigan, and it's fantaaaastic.  I should be able to blog it next week at some point!

I got mega-lucky again, and was asked to pattern test Rachael's new adult pattern, the Bess Top!  That'll be up on the blog soon, too!  Here it is mid-sew... Check that sweet pleat!

I sewed a tee shirt!  Last night!  Waiting for my laundry to dry!  
Want the recipe for fastest-tee-shirt-ever (second only to the lightningspeed Tumble Tee)?  Kitschy Coo's Skater Dress bodice, lengthened 4-5 inches, plus my Bimaa hem band piece. Boom. One dryer cycle > one tee shirt.
Fabric is from Girl Charlee. :)

I dyed this sweater.

I sewed up a final run-through of the hood addition to my Bimaa Sweater!  And took pics of Emmy wearing it while she was super sick with a cold and I can't stop lolllling because she looks like she wants to eat the souls of kittens in this picture.  L O L.  Poor dear. :)
The hood will be finalized and published next week!  There will also be a pattern tour for the Bimaa this October!  Stay tuned for that!  So excited, I can't even.

So that's a bit of my week in Instagram shots!  Are you on IG?  Come follow and have a laugh with me - I'm @sarahsarahbeth.  If you see my husband playing with Emmy's toys, Emmy touching huge bugs, or 'wine at work' - you've found me.  ;)

Have a great weekend, all, and hold your kittens extra close tonight!

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  1. Ha! Love you!!! I need your motivation!!!!

    1. I love YOU Kat! You'll get your sewjo back, too. ;)



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