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THREE Reasons to Celebrate!

Happiest of Friday's to you all!

Here to announce three fantastic things, the first being that finally,  f i n a l l y , the hoodie addendum to the Bimaa pattern has been sketched, drafted, graded, digitized, made pretty, and IS FINAL!

And man, is it ever cute.  :)

The Bimaa hoodie is a three-piece hood, creating a really great fit - it's not too big, and it's not too small.  I will be doing a tutorial soon for how to add ears to your Bimaa hoodie!  CAN YOU EVEN!?  EARS. 

** If you already own this pattern, look for an email from me this weekend with the updated file!  YES, if you've already bought the Bimaa, you're getting the hoodie addition for free.  :)  **

Second amazing thing?  I sold my 200th pattern from my little shop last night.  Nearly cried.  I am so proud of this baby of mine, and I am BURSTING at the seams with fresh new ideas.  Hold onto your hats, guys.

The gratitude and love I have for all of you and your incredible support is difficult to put into words.  So, until I can form sentences with those words, please enjoy as a thank you this third awesome thing:

 Have a great long weekend, guys!

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  1. Yay!! Well done... I can't wait to sew mine up!!! Think I will do one of each version if I have the time for my girls:)) have some great thrifted knits I am saving up!!

  2. Just bought the Bimaa pattern during your Labor Day sale and sewed it up today- love it! Hosh pants, too. Check them out:

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