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Krazy For Kat!

Good morning!

So just a few short weeks ago, my good friend Kat from Sew Chibi gave birth to her third beautiful daughter... Akira! Kat and her family are just the freaking awesomest people I know, and this sweet new babe is probably the luckiest in all the land.

If you don't know Kat, allow me the pleasure of telling you a little about her!

She has a beautiful daughter named Sephira, to whom Emmylou blows kisses to everytime she sees her picture:

See more about this outfit HERE

She has another beautiful daughter named Azriella, whom Emmy wants to be when she grows up:

See more about this lighted dress HERE

And it goes without saying - Kat sews the MOST INCREDIBLE CLOTHES!  Every single things Kat does sparks the imagination and thrills the creative soul.  She is fearless, she is fun, she is infinitely creative, and she is a SUPER GEEK.  Lol  - I love you Kat!

Head over to Kat's blog - you will never want to leave!  The amount of inspiration and eye candy is unending:

Add wings to a dress

See more about this outfit HERE

Make bunny ears - just in time for Easter!

See more about this outfit HERE

See more about this outfit HERE

Follow Kat on Instagram HERE

And Kat is also a founding member of the series Sew Geeky - set to relaunch on May the Fourth!

See more about this outfit HERE

Congratulations to you and Jon, Azy and Sephy!

Oh!  I've made you some things, too!

Akira will be the proud new owner of these galactic leggings:

Pattern - Go-To Leggings

And also a sleep sack!  I am about 85% done with this - I made a change of plans when this pattern came out yesterday lol.  :)
I hope you like it!  The inside is 100% cotton double gauze from Japan - it's softer than anything!

Pattern - Lua Sleep Sack
Fabric - double gauze, cotton print from Pink Castle (out of stock) but available elsewhere.

These will be coming to you soon. :)

Kat, never change.  Love you Lady!

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  1. gorgeous!!! that sleep sack is glorious :) and galactic leggings, well... obviously awesome.

  2. Awesome, we all really did great. I wish I had a baby girl and bloggy awesome friends!

  3. It is Rachael - I want to climb into it! That fabric you've got there - whooo boy, it's divine!

  4. Me too, Kelley! The things you made are incredible! Those shoes!!!

  5. Beautiful! I want those leggings for ma'self!

  6. I do as well, Jill! Ain't a bad idea!

  7. I'm tearing up over here!!! I can't take it!!! You are one of my favorite people on the planet and one of the best friends I could EVER ask for!!! Words escape me.... AND THE WEARABLES!!! You really know me!!! I want to hug them and love them in my arms already... oh and i suppose see them on Akira too ;-) THANK YOU!!!xoxoxoxoo

  8. Oooooh that sleep sack.

  9. you nailed it! those leggings are totally perfect and the sleep sack is great too! what a fun thing you guys did! kat is fun to sew for. :)



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