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Calling All Kids!


I am crazy excited to be a part of a fantastic series today - Calling All Kids!

Calling All Kids is a super thoughtful series from a gal we all know and love -  Alida of Alida Makes!

"Calling All Kids is a series that explores children’s clothing as it relates to gender. When I'm shopping for clothes for my kids and I see the same old pink fare for girls and the same old super hero fare for boys, it makes me crazy! This is one of the main reasons I sew for my kids. Now, there is nothing wrong with the clothes that are out there necessarily, but our kids deserve more variety!"

I couldn't agree more!

Like I said in my last post, Emmylou is not a girly-girl by any stretch.  Homegirl has a fashion sense that is distinctly hers - and it's changing and evolving every day.  Always on top of the checklist though?  Comfort!

So for Em's Calling All Kids outfit, I made her the COMFIEST outfit I could think of - wide-leg linen pants and a supremely soft plain white tee.  Em has started picking through my fabric stash and choosing the 'cozy'est fabrics... She loves knits of any type, and all of my cottons and linens.

These red pants are actually Hosh Pants!  I know!  Wide-legged Hosh Pants!  Don't tell anyone, but I'm planning on taking the Hosh Pants off the market soon to tweak them, and to add a wide-legged version!  Fret not - if you already own the Hosh, or are planning to buy them - you will have access to the new version as soon as it becomes available... That's just how I roll.

For ultimate cozy points - I incorporated a knit fold-over waistband; which I plan to include in the Hosh update as well.

Emmy approved!

The white tee is the Celestial Tee from Figgy's.... and I loved making it! It's a crazy fast sew, and by blending in between sizes, I made Em a custom fit, perfect-for-her tee shirt.  She wore this shirt for like 48 hours straight.  True story.

BOTH of these patterns are available right now through Perfect Pattern Parcel - a choose-your-own-price sewing pattern bundle which supports indie designers and charity.  Do check it out - it's an awesome bundle for an awesome cause:

Notable!  I've made a bunch of the Perfect Pattern Parcel patterns!  My September Tunic is HERE - one of my most FAVORITEST makes ever; and my Prefontaine Shorts are HERE and HERE.  Hey, that second pair were made using the very same red linen as these wide-legged Hosh!  *calls husband to report that I do in fact use my stash fabric thankyouverymuch*

I must make the Caroline Party Dress and the Hanami Top ASAP. Adorbs!  The Perfect Pattern Parcel (please do check it out - it's truly for a great cause) ends this Friday!

Em, needless to say, loves her new super comfy outfit!  A happy girl isn't always defined by fluff and ruffles, swirls and rainbows, sparkles and glitter.

Sometimes, a gal just needs something comfortable to wear when she's rolling around in the grass, chasing Papa;

daydreaming, exploring...

and just being a kiddo.

Thank you for having us, Alida!  This is such a great series - one that Em and I can TOTES appreciate!

CHEERS, all!
Happy sewing, and may your stains be those of grass, always!

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  1. Wideleg Hosh pants and a yoga waistband - LOVE!! My little one would love this adaptation too - I'm excited for this pattern update Sarah :)

    1. Awesome, Renee!! Thank you! Em LOVES them! :D

  2. The tummy picture, I'm dying!! <3 <3 <3

  3. This looks super comfy (and adorable)! I want to wear it myself. I just got the fabric yesterday to make some hosh pants for my youngest.

  4. Ooooh! I love the idea of wide legged Hosh pants. They look so comfortable. Plus, Emmy looks so damn cute! :)

  5. I knew you'd make hosh even better!! :)

  6. It's all so adorable and does look very comfy. And, wide leg hoshs, omg.

    Also, how did I miss the prefontaine short tour last summer? I want to eat those shorts, they are so scrumptious!

  7. Comfy and stylish--the perfect combination! Hosh Pants are amazing, and I can not wait to see the variations you come up with for the updated pattern! Oh, and that picture of Emmy looking straight at the camera is gorgeous! Love her eyes!

  8. Can't Erin - already ate'm. Lol, and thank you!

  9. Awesome, Bethany!!! I know it - I want this entire outfit haha :)

  10. OMG these are gorgeous. I've just bought the pattern and cannot wait for the update :D

  11. AWESOME, Kate! I can't either haha! I think it's going to be pretty excellent! :D



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