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Friends, Patterns, Ziplining, and Mood. Hee!

I've got 100 friends!

I can't believe it!  Thank you guys so much for following along, and supporting my crafty endeavors.  I've got the warm fuzzies :)
I believe another GiftAway is in order, yes?  I'll get on that lickity split.  What would you guys be interested in?  A vintage or modern pattern?  Fabric?  Chocolate?  Box'o'Wine?  :D

Also, WICKED IMPORTANT!, I am in need of a few more pattern testers for my Wee Linen Blouse pattern.  It's all tweaked and the photo-tutorial will be done soon.  Again, it's a size 12-18 months, and if you are willing, that's the size I'd like you to make - i.e. don't grade it up or down in size.  And if you have a model who is said size to take pictues of in the top, that'd be a bonus!

Make me!

So if you are interested, please holler atcha boo -
Those of you who I've already spoken with, don't worry about emailing again - you're all set.  Thank you sista-friends!

In other news, being 30 is officially awesome.
This is what I did last weekend with 12 great friends:

   Ziplining!  There truly are no words to describe how amazing this was.  If you are ever in the greater New England area and are looking to be humbled and thrilled at the same time, you must go here.

But oh, the birthday goings-on don't end there!  Memorial Day weekend, me and one of of my bffs are going to the NYC to meet up with another bff!  And I'm going shopping at Mood!


And since I believe know that Tim Gunn lives at Mood, I'll be meeting Tim Gunn, too.
Amazing, yes?!  We're staying on the Upper West Side... any recommendations on where to eat, drink, and/or be merry?  How 'bout shopping?  Tell me, tell me!  :D

So, sewing is a bit slow right now due to all the birthday rabble rousing, and trying to get the pattern ready for debut.  But I'm brimming with ideas as per usual, so I'll be back on the horse soon :)

Check back for the Box'o'Wine GiftAway!
Or whatever... ;)

Love to all!


  1. Congrats on getting 100 followers! and on turning 30! :)
    Sounds like you will be having lads of fun in NYC I am jealous!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I meant loads not lads! ahhh Typos!! sorry lol

  4. Cindy, funny you should mention lads... It's actually going to be Fleet Week during the weekend we're there! :D lol
    Don't tell my husband.

  5. Ziplining looks amazing, but I'm afraid of heights so I'm not so sure. I've done skydiving, but for some reason that didn't mess with my fear of heights...?

    Anyways, I have a sz 12-18 month model and I have a sewing machine. What I don't have is mad sewing skills. Would your pattern be too difficult for a beginner?

  6. Elizabeth, you crazy skydiver you, could you please send me your email address? We can chat! :D

  7. Aha! I AM A NO-REPLY BLOG COMMENTER! I will fix and email you. :O Thanks!



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