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Are you a noreply-comment Blogger?

I need you not to be!  Pretty please!

I get all of your comments via email, and I can't reply to more than half of them!  NoooooOoo! ::headdesk::

I can't reply to this person!

I was a noreply-er and didn't even know it.  I just figured bloggers weren't writing me back.  No big deal I guess.  But if your asking a blogger a question, you'd sort of like a response, right?!  Right!  So what I used to do was just keep checking the comment section of the post I asked the question on... waiting for an answer.

But from what I've learned since starting my own blog, replying to every comment in the comment section can make for a hot mess.  Shooting a quick email is a hellavalot easier.  And more private!

So, one fine day I came across THIS POST at House of Smiths, and I realized - I am a noreply-comment blogger!  No wonder all I was getting was static!  

So please, please my lovely (100;) readers, go HERE and learn how to un-noreply yourselves!  It takes two seconds and then I will be able to endlessly chat you up!  :D

Plus, if you want to be a pattern tester, I definitely need to be able to relpy to your comment!

K?  K.

Happy Friday!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for this!! I had no idea I was a non reply blogger!
    I just changed it! :)



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