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Because You're Awesome.

So since you are all exceptionally awesome for being 100 in quantity (and 1 bazillion in quality :), I wanted to extend a big ol' thank you!

I have prezzies for you!

You may have noticed around here that I am a fan of crazybananas for Mama Stellato.
See the three tops I've made from her Charlotte Dress pattern alone:

No post.  Made this pre-blog.  It's like, the second thing I ever made!  :D


If those old crummy pics didn't already give it away, I sewed these precious (if I do say so ;) tops when I was completely new to sewing.  The first one took just one evening, and the others took even less time - couple of hours at most.

If you are a beginning sewista, or are thinking you want to start sewing (YES!), Mama Stellato Patterns are perfect!  The intructions are crystal clear, there are no fancy requirements like a serger, the size range is wicked expansive [meaning buy a pattern once and sew it 400 times as your babe grows], and the styles are SO CUTE!

And all of you seasoned seamstresses, take a look at these and imagine all the possibilities!

Somerset Hoodie

Charlotte Dress
Bella Dress

Amelia Top


So getting to the point. Rachel of Mama Stellato is so kindly offering all of you 
30% off your entire order!

Enter Coupon Code EMMYLOU30 like so:

* This offer is good Saturday and Sunday (5/21 and 5/22) only! *

Yay!  I hope you are all able to take advantage of this offer!

What's that you say?  Not sure what fabric to use for your new Mama Stellato pattern??
Would a yard of Heather Bailey Rose Bouquet in Emerald help you decide?!

Yeah, I have it.  You want it?
I've got one prewashed yard of this deliciousness. [See this fabric in action in Peach HERE]
If you'd like to have it in your possession to drool over, keep reading!!

BUT!  That's sooo not all!  I'm also giving away a Summer Pattern Pack!  Check it peeps:

Click pic to see the sizes better.
I'm a 12/14 in patterns... Is there a worse size to be as far as purchasing?!  Jeebs!

Want to sew for yourself this Summer?  Yeah, me too! :)

Seeing as how I have 8 thousand patterns, and am still loading everything into PatternFile, I sometimes buy duplicates, or patterns that are ridiculously similar to patterns I already have.  Boo for me.  Yay for you.

Enter these three patterns:  Simplicity 2245 (Lisette), New Look 0692 (OOP), and Simplicity 2599.
All three fabulous - all three I already haaaave!  Gah!  Seriously, I'm like a tornado at the JoAnns sales.  I take my list'o'patterns in there and scoop up all my patterns [proudface], not realizing that I did the same thing two weeks ago, and didn't cross any patterns off my list.  Hot.  Mess.
Want 3 cute patterns?  Ok!  You got'm!

If I haven't twisted your arm enough to git to sewing (what friggin' gives?!), I have something else for you.
Do you craft?  If you're here, I assume you're a creative type, yes?
Do you like Michaels?

Do you want a $25 Michaels Gift Card?

So, in all seriousness, I love you.  I love this blog!
It is what it is because of my dear friends and readers.  I work 40+ hours a week, I have a toddler, and I have a disease I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, so I am always wishing for more time to blog.  But more importantly, and I know yall can relate, I wish for more time to create.  That's why we're all blogging in the first place, isn't it?  To have an outlet for sharing and receiving encouragement.  In the short time I've been at this, you guys have been so supportive, and I want to thank you.  So thank you :)

Aaaand back to the fun!

First, GO make use of your Mama Stellato discount!

Then, leave me a comment here and tell me which gift you'd like.

FABRIC (Heather Bailey - 1 Yard)
PATTERNS (Three summer sewing patterns)
MICHAELS GIFT CARD ($25 Michaels Gift Card)

Make sure they're separate comments though. :)

If you're just interested in one thing, let me know which one in your comment.
If you're interested in two, leave two comments, etc.

Make sure you leave your email address!  Better yet, make sure you're not a "noreply-comment" Blogger.

I'll do a random drawing on Wednesday night, and announce the winners sometime on Thursday!

I wish I could give all 100 of you gifts!

Have a fabulous weekend all!


  1. Wow Sarah!! What an awesome giveaway!
    I am new to sewing so I would love the patterns!!

    I did not know you had a disease.
    So sorry to hear that!! I will keep you in my prayers! :)

  2. I would also love that gift card!!
    I love Michaels!! I need tons of crafty things!

  3. You're funny. :)

    I would love the fabric!

  4. How cool! I'd love the fabric it's so pretty!
    (and major bummer about Lyme--I didn't realize that wasn't just something you could treat and be done with)

  5. I'd also love the Michael's gift card--I'm there all the time :) Thanks!

  6. I don't need anything - I already have the most generous, blog-writing bestie in the world :)

  7. I'd love the fabric. :) The patterns are great, but I'll leave those to be won by someone who actually knows what they're doing. Thank You!

  8. Oh gee oh gee....can't decide! Well, I sure could make something cute with that FABRIC ! :)

  9. i would love the fabric to make one of those little pillow case dresses!

  10. and i would love love the patterns to make myself some beautiful handmade stuff!

  11. and of course, who wouldn't love a gift card to a crafty store!

  12. Just started sewin g again today actually. I was busy with other things and just set stuff on my sewing table. That will really stack up. I'd love the patterns...

  13. ' d love , love love the fabric. Would look great for so mAny things!

  14. Love the new blog design. I Need some help with mine!
    We just got a michaels by me, so i'd love to go in there with a gift card!



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