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It's my birthday today!

I'm 30!

WooooHOO!!  I can't tell you how happy I am.  My twenties were long as all get out and I. Am. OVER. Them.  Literally.  :)

*sigh of relief*

So anyhow, me and my 30 year old self have had the privilege of testing a pattern for Mama Stellato!  It's her newest pattern [not out yet, but will be soon!], a unisex raglan tee!  And it is SO cute!  Her patterns are always super easy to follow and are sized perfectly.

Check out the pics!
These are from our Mothers Day brunch at my beautiful sisters' house. :)

Baby buns.  Pug buns.

The Tee speaks for itself, doesn't it?!  So flippin' cute!

Go 'head and take a nibble on those cheeks... There's plenty to go around. :)

Bart the pug.  Emmy the baby.

Getting better at the fancy camera!  This was taken from 20+ feet away!  :D

Attacking Papa.

Kissing Papa to make up for attack.


So do you like the shirt?!  It took me less than two hours from tracing to finishing - and that's including distractions along the way!  Have heaps of old tee shirts that you don't wear anymore?  This pattern is perfect for them! 

Keep a look out in Mama Stellato's Etsy Store for this pattern!

So, happy birthday to ME!  :D
And a happy almost-weekend to YOU!

As always, partying HERE!


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah!!
    Hope you have a great one and your daughter i too cute!!
    love her tee! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I spent my 30th birthday in labor basically, as kiddo #3 came the very next day. Now he's 2 :) I loved turning 30 because I finally felt like a real grown up!

  3. The shirt looks super cute and comfy! Great job! Happy Birthday!

  4. I adore's so 70s and fun!

    Happy 30th by the way. {I'm 31 and loving the 30s. The 20s were so turbulent in comparison!}

    saw you at TT&J

  5. Happy Birthday!
    what size is your little one? I'll email you a birthday copy of the dress you like in her size, if you want....

  6. Great post! I'm going to have to check out this pattern... and happy belated birthday! I just turned 30 on 5/2, and my name is Sarah too. :) Yay for being 30!

  7. brilliant my dear! thanks so much for partying with whipperberry!! oh, and happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday! Ugh...turned 29 on 4/27 and don't know how I feel about that yet...never thought I'd be this old! lol I still feel like a kid most of the time...despite the fact that I have 3 of my own... but the shirt looks great and your pics are fantastic! Thanks so much for coming link up!

  9. That shirt is adorable...and so is your model! I can just see all the cute appliques you could add to it, too. Happy Birthday!
    (via Under the Table and Dreaming)

  10. Happy birthday! I turned 29 this year and I am amazed at how different I feel and look compared to 25. Iwouldn't go back but wish my body would!
    That is a super cute shirt and an adorable model! Great work!

  11. Love that shirt!! Thanks for linking @'Sew Cute Tuesday'!

    ...and happy 'late' birthday!

  12. I really need to do one for my little girl !

  13. This is so great! Thanks for sharing at Make Something Monday!!

    ~ Sarah



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