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A happy Cinco de Mayo to you!

Arrrrrriba! :D

I'm just popping in to say hi, and that there is sewing going on at la Casa de EmmylouBeeDoo.  Just nothing 100% completed or photographed.  I'm just about done with McCall's 5884, view A:

I sort of stalled out on it because it's flipping gigantic.  I did some research on Pattern Review and was plenty warned that it's a big ol' blouse with a BIG OL' tie, but that's pretty much what I was going for.  I love the giant tie, but I wasn't expecting the whole blouse to be so damn big!  [Disclaimer: I have never, ever picked the right size when sewing for myself.  It's the fear of making something too small and wasting fabric.  Make a muslin you say?  My patience and sewing time are scant, people.  C'mon.]  So that may have something to do with it being ginormous.  We may never know.  ;)

Anyhow, it's done except for the side seams and hem, so there's still time to talk it off the ledge.  It's been a really easy sew, though!  Only three pattern pieces and a handful of steps.  I'll definitely make this one again, but like 3 sizes smaller.  Yeesh.  I'll give all the construction deets when it's done.

Also, wicked exciting, I am testing a new pattern for Mama Stellato!  That should be done this weekend and I'll show yall that whenever I get the go-ahead from her!  It's super cute.  :)  You can see things I've made using her Charlotte Dress pattern here, here, and here.  Love!

Buenas dias, muchachas!  :D

Love to all,


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