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My most amazing, most thoughtful, most aware of my Amazon WishList husband ;) got me a serger for Christmas!  !!! !!  ! ! !!!!    !

She's a beaut.  It's probably the serger that most beginning sewist have...  It's affordable and the reviews can't be denied.

Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger 

And tonight, I threaded it!  For those unfamiliar with sergers, the threading process is like brain surgery.  Like Home Ec brain surgery.

But I did it!

Well, hello...

Yay!  Pink cones!

Happy little chain!

[side note... I also got an amazing new camera for Christmas from my always-too-generous In-Laws.  It's bananas.  I am still learning the ins and outs of it, but I am SO grateful to be able to shoot pics at will - and not have that 'why bother' feeling because my camera is sucko.  Not the case anymore.  Thank you guys infinitely.]

So, now that I have about a 3% grasp of what this thing can do (my usual jumping off point), I have chosen this as my first serger endeavor:

M6194 and cute cute cute floral double knit.

I'm trying the long sleeved tee shirt there, in that so-cute floral knit (which, coincidentally, I have enough of to perhaps make a similar [read: the exact same] shirt for me ;) 

I have played around with the serger on scraps, both knits and wovens, and whoaa boy - it's awesome.  I'm so excited to really dive in and make some goodies.  

More to come!  Including shots of Emmy in pigtails - her hair is growing like weeds!  Sweet, sweet baby weeds! 

Love to all :)

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