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Shoe Clips for Me!

Inspired (as allllways) by Kathleen at Grosgrain, I made myself a pair of shoe clips!  

You MUST go to Grosgrain and see all the 'Shoe Sugar' she's whipped up!  So fabulous.

My aunt gave me a bag of baubles and jewels that she no longer wears (thanks Kath!!), and in it was this pair of clip-on earrings, one of which was broken.  

No.  Problemo.

Enter Glue of the Gods, E-6000:

And, TADA!  Shiny new shoe clips for me!

Delish, no?!

I'm totally going to be on the prowl now for old fancy clip-on earrings!  

DO check out Kathleens amazing shoe clips.  :)


  1. Hehehehe!!! Thank you so much Kim! :D

  2. I got some flower shoe clips at Target yesterday and thought of you. I'm also on a mad search at Goodwill for some clip on earrings. You've inspired me!

  3. Yay!! That's fabulous!! Aren't they fun?!




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