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I need to put more "Sew" in my Sew-Alongs.

Out of the three sew-alongs I'm participating in, I have fabric cut out for only ONE!  Dah!

It's the Marie Skirt, in yummy charcoal tweed.  I bought a hot pink silky material last weekend to line the skirt, so that was my motivation to cut this project first.  Hot pink lining.  C'mon. 

I do have my fabric picked out for my Pendrell Blouse (several fabrics, actually, but this one's first).  I'll hack into it soon! 


I'm still wavering between sizes to cut for the Pendrell, though.  On Tasia's size chart, I'm in three different columns!  EEK!

 If I cut according to my bust measurement, I'll have like, a yard of extra fabric at my hip.  And alternatively, I am in NO way ready to do a full bust adjustment (FBA) if I cut according to my hip measurement - seriously, baby tights are the most advanced things I've made so far [backpat].  So I'm not sure what I'll do there.  Make a FBA, I s'pose.  Doh!

And then, oh dear, the Vintage Sew-Along.  I was going to make this dress:


Unfortunately, I just don't think I'm ready.  I want to and will make this dress eventually, I just can't tackle it at the pace I need to for this sew-along (whose time frame is 2 months, mind you. lol).

So, Plan B:


I got this pattern for a song on eBay a few weeks ago (in my size, eherm), and look!  It says 'EASY' right there on the front!  Plus, I think it's ultra cute.  I'm going to make the long-sleeved version and style it with belts and tights and boots and the like.  Cute, no?  I haven't chosen a fabric for this one yet.  Dark solid?  Fun floral?  For Winter?  Or for Spring?  At the pace I'm going, probably for Spring, eh?  ;)

This pattern seems easy and roomy enough to not have to make a muslin, so that being the case, I'd say I'm right on schedule with the Vintage Sew-Along!  wOOt!

Love to all! 


  1. LOVE the long sleeve pattern. And am so impressed, by the way, with your secret sewing ability.

  2. Thank you Kim!! Yeah, I've got allll kinds of tricks up my sleeves. :)



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