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Charlotte Dress the Third

Another Charlotte Dress (shirt)!  I friggen LOVE this pattern!  It's like instant gratification.  Ahhh...

This time, I opted to jump on the Doily Bandwagon (circa 2010), and sewed this pretty little guy onto the most yummy stretch flannel ever.  So cute, if I do say!  

Crummy night shot... :P

Action Shot!

How long is her hair getting?!  So presh!  


I don't intend to post frequently about personal/emotional things on this Blog - want to keep it light and crafty and Emmylouy.  But I just want to take a little space in the world and say goodnight to my Nanny.

So, goodnight Nanny.
I love you so.


  1. We love and are going to miss our nanny.
    Miss You Bob

  2. Adorable!!! what a fun and simple shirt to make! The best kind or pattern!

  3. Thanks, GeorgiaBE! Yep, the possibilities are ennnndless with this pattern!

  4. Love the dress. You continue to amaze me with the little nuggets you whip up.

    Sorry to hear about your Nanny!



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