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 Seeing as how I have nothing better to do, I decided to start piecing together my value quilt for Loubs today!  It's AMAZING.  Jonas helped me soooo soso much.  It's the perfect job for someone so... mathematically inclined.  No really, he really was awesome and loved putting all the lights and darks together.  Drove him crazy, actually.  In a good way.  :)

I die.

I did this much in about 15 minutes, which was SO motivational.  I got to sew all day long - my Marie Skirt is half way done (more on that tomorrow) and this quilt is started.  
Ahhhhh...  feels good.  My aim for this quilt is for it to be Emms first toddler bed blanket.  So I have like, a year and a half to finish it.  :)  Awesome.

My inspiration for this quilt is here.
My fabric is Martha Negley's 'Mums', purchased here (though I believe she's sold out of this collection).  I have 4 sets of these squares, and what you see up there is like, half of one set.  Awesome x 2.

Emmys toddler bed is going to be a California King, if I hadn't mentioned that.

Love to all!


  1. That looks great! I think my favorite quilt I ever made was my value quilt! Just perfect

  2. Thank you so much Jessica!
    It's my first quilt and I am LOVING it!


  3. Hello Sarah! Your new quilt is going to be really really beautiful! I love the colours and the design! Is it named value quilt when the triangles goes like that? I'w just trying to decided how to make my next quilt and I was thinkin pinwheeles (again) but now I think I found better way! Thank you for inspiration!
    Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

  4. Hello Teje! Thank yo so much for the kind words! I love it too!!
    Here is a basic explanation of what a Value Quilt is... it's essentially matching light and dark 'values' (hues) together to make this neat effect!
    This is the tutorial I used to begin mine!

    Good luck with yours! It's BANANAS easy! :D

  5. Your Value Quilt is looking awesome! I love your fabric choices!!

  6. Great value quilt. Nice that you had someone mathematical to help! I drive myself crazy with that. Did I read right - your daughters toddler bed is going to be a california king!? hee hee, I was worried that a full size was too big for my toddler. Love it! Good luck with such a large quilt. I just got my regular King size back and I'm dreading binding such a big quilt!

  7. Hi Becky! No, I'm just messin' about her quilt being that big... I just have SO MANY of those squares! Ha! I certainly could make it a California King if I wanted to! Now that I think about it, I could make a twin-size with the value goodness on BOTH sides! ooOOOooh!

    Yeah, it's been delightful so far, but I have to bind it and quilt it still! EEK!

  8. YES! I love how quick the value quilt comes together and it looks so very cool. Fabrics are wonderful, nice choices.

  9. A value quilt is definitely on my to-do list! Yours is looking great, I love it!

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a great week!

  10. Kelly, thank you! :D

    Lee, thank YOU!! Glad I found you!



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