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Yay!  Check it out!

Shirt front, almost done!

Almost looks like a real shirt, eh??

Alas... it's got a few problems.  The serger though, was so flippen fun to use, and really pretty easy considering the 'machinery' vibe.

A few construction shots...

Shoulder seams serged... Looking laaarge!

One side and arm seam serged.

Serged cuffs instead of hemming.  Cuz' I said so, that's why.

What Jonas does to my pins when I'm not looking.  Pretty :)

Raw neck line before adding the ribbing.

Now here's where it goes haywire.

I essentially have no idea what I'm actually doing here, so things happened.  Unfortunate things.  Like this:


I know it has something to do with my tension and differential feed and blah blah blah, so I'll have to just keep practicing!  Fun!

But then the real tragedy struck when I was putting in the neck ribbing.  I just assumed that the neck opening was the same length as the ribbing piece, so I just sewed merrily along without pinning or anything.  The result?

Shirt back.
There's like, 3 inches less ribbing than there is actual space to sew it into.  Makes sense - that's what makes the neck opening smaller and more fitted - like ya know, a real tee shirt.  So this is what I had once I realized the problem:

The star is the center-back of the shirt.  The circle is the center-back of the ribbing!  DOH!  So I had this whole slew of excess shirt that I decided cleverly to just 'gather' (read:shove) into the remaining ribbing I had.  Ugh!!!  It's so hideous!  A giant gathered mess in the back (really, the back left) of the shirt was not at all what I was going for.  Boo.

Honestly, looking at it now makes me giggle.  All of the rookie mistakes I make result in major lessons learned.  This hot mess will never happen again, that I know!  Plus this shirt is SO big!  I've got plenty of time to fix it up for the Loubs to wear it.  :)

Up next:  THREE sew-alongs!

This skirt with Regan:


This blouse with Tasia:


And finally, this vintage dress with Vintage Sewalong of 2011:


So excited!


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