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Dragons and Hearts and Freezer Paper, Oh My!

So me and my mother Emmylou may or may not have opened one of her Christmas presents a touch early.
But she's thisclose to walking!  She needed it! ;)

How stinkin' cute?!  She loves it and I also love it.  It's soo close to the ground and it morphs to adjust to her standing/walking needs.  And of course, she adores the music.  Atta girl.  :)

And upon closer inspection, perhaps you'll notice her sillycute shirt?

Made it!  

Well, not the shirt itself... I bought that, gimme a break.  But the heart garnish there?  All me!  I used a combination of fantastic posts and tutes on the subject of Freezer Paper Stenciling, like this one, this one, this one and this one.  Those Gals are clearly more skilled in the way of the stencil than I - this was sort of just a trial run.  A trial run that turned out faaaar less heinous than WonkCandles.

So cute, yes?!  It was really easy too, almost makes you regret every buying anything screen-printed!  But then you remember you can't draw worth boo, and the regret goes away.

I'm going to have to track down some Copyright-free images to try something more intricate.  Also, I love love love this silhouette idea for maybe a pillow or a tank for me!  Presh!

Action shots:


Premature removal of one of the stencils...

So much fun.  I'll definitely be adding this technique to my arsenal o' cute.



  1. The finished product is adorable!! and looks so cute on her.
    OK, so I did cave on the Christmas gift, but she did need it now....right?????

  2. Of COURSE she did! :D

    I'm sure they'll be plenty more gifts for her to open on Christmas. :)

  3. She is so cute. And look at you go crafty mama!



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