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Fancy Schmancy!


Whipped up these pretty ladies after being insanely inspired by Aunt Peaches version.  Hers are SO gorgeous!  I think I'll make more and jazz them up with greenery and berries and whatnot for Christmas.  I didn't get any action shots of them on the Thanksgiving table, but trust, they were so pretty!!

The best part about these?  SO cheap to make!  I got the round glasses at the Dollar Tree for... a dollar, and had the gold leaf on hand.  I think it was less than $10 for the leaf and the sealant when I bought them.  Sweet!  I'm totally going make silver ones too. 

Lit by TV glow :)  So romantic...

Love to all!


  1. Hi! I got the gold leaf at Michaels, the craft chain-store. I'm sure you could find it at AC Moore or other craft stores like that.

    Are you going to give it a try?


  2. Thank u...I love the fotos...And,I am the biggest lazy girl I have ever known and am suffering from Unfinished Project syndrome all my life ;) So,not sure yet ;)

  3. Haha! I hear ya! I have like, 5 unfinished projects lying around at any given time. :)

    These candles take very little time to make! A really easy project you can't mess up.


  4. Love these too. Please just email me a list of projects you're going to make so I can copy you, because I'm too lazy to think of things myself and everything you make is adorable. Ok? Thanks.

  5. Very pretty! What an easy project- love the combo of easy and pretty!!

  6. Thanks Debra!! Yep - crazy easy! :D



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