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I was going to call this post 'My Brother has Died', but that's clearly in poor taste, even for me.
My BROTHER XR7700 has died!!!

By absolutely no fault of my own...



...the feed dogs just stopped feeding!  Disaster!

I was making another pair of tights.  I wasn't 100% happy with the pair I made for little Sophia last week, because I cut them on the wrong grain.  Rookie mistake - I'm really getting used to making them!  I thought the fabric was equally stretchy all the way around, but it wasn't, and so I ended up making a pair of Chinese Finger Trap Tights.   Not what I imagine Rae had in mind whence drafting said Tights.

Anyway, in my hurried state on the morning of the party, I
a) didn't switch to a stretch needle,
b) was using stitches/feet I'm uber-unfamiliar with, and
c) was way over-confident due to how specfabulous the first pair turned out.

That there above is a recipe for disaster.  And I sure cooked up a good batch!
She's going back to the store Friday to hopefully be exchanged - she's still under warranty, thank heavens.

So, now I've got nothing to do but clean the house and take new pics of Miss Lou.  Both overdue anyhow.

Love to all!  


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