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Halloween Outakes. Or, Bats in the Cave.

Here's some gems that missed yesterdays cut.  Not because they weren't worthy, I was just pooped!

Auntie BooBoo!

PitchFitting about not being in bed.

Love. This. Picture.  Her eyes are officially grey, methinks.

Pug-Duck Civil Waaaaar!!

Why am I on the ground Pa.

Her best duck impression.  I think she nailed it.

Giant bat in the cave - don't zoom-in :)

And again, bat in the cave, but THOSE EYES!!! 
So there you have it!  Emmylou's first Halloween!  Don't forget to vote for next years costume, over on the side-bar.  If I get any better at this sewing gig, I'll be making her next costume! 



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