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Anyone want some more turkey?!
Here's what I made for Em to wear to Thanksgiving dinner!

Turkey shirt!

How flippin cute?!  

I was inspired by this lil cutie to try out this tutorial from The Cottage Home.  It was so super fun to make this.  It really put me in the Holiday spirit.  :)


I decided against stitching a little face onto him - I was so in love with the result at this stage that I didn't want to fuss it up.  

I also pinked the feather pieces instead of just straight cutting them... I think it looks more... feathery, no?


For the body I fused two layers of felt together.  I only had the cheap stuff on hand, so one layer was pretty see-through, and not so cute.  To fuse the felt, I used this magical stuff called Steam-A-Seam - amazing!  I've had it forever but never used it.  [Side note: when I start a new hobby or craft, I tend to gather everything I will ever need for that particular craft, before I can actually start making/doing stuff.  True story.]

Now, the fabric for the feathers?  I did not have that on hand.  I didn't have any fallish quilty (I'm making up words) type colors or patterns, so I had to go into the local quilt shop.  I had never been there - I usually just go to Jo-Ann's; more apparel fabric and more people of my own ilk - garment sewers (if that's what you could call me ;).  The people in the quilting shop looked at me like a wounded lamb in a wolves den.  Eeesh.  So I grabbed a little stack-o-eighth-yard-cuts, and I ran out of there.  Like, literally.  :)  
Nothing against you quilters out there.  Yall just scare me to bits.

Inside out.

I used a lightweight fusible interfacing on the inside to make sure the stitches wouldn't pop and to make sure it was stable.  Looks damn good, eh?? 

I know, it's barley visible, but it's the only shot I got!

Loved this project!  I did it in just one evening after Loubs went to sleep.  I see many more of these in her future!  Maybe birds?  An elephant?  Fun!



  1. I LOVE, LOVE it!! What a great idea to use pinking shears on the edges. Looks fabulous - thanks for adding it to The Cottage Home pool :-)

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Ahhhh!!! Thank you SO much!!!

    What an honor!!!

    :) :) :)

  3. This is sooo cute! Oh man. I think I might have to make one :)

  4. So cute! I want one in my size!

  5. Sarah this is ADORABLE!!! Love it!



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