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Early Christmas Preparations Fail.

So I saw this really sweet idea on One Pretty Thing for these candles with photos decoupaged onto them.  The tutorial was from Vintage Image Craft, and they are SO lovely!  Exhibit A:

I decided I MUST make these candles with Emmy's face slathered onto them for every person I know for Christmas.  I wasn't going to post about this because, obvi, you'd all be receiving one. 

I ordered my printable Vellum Paper immediately from here (fyi - I ordered the paper on Tuesday and it came Wednesday - awesome!) and when I got home tonight I snagged the only white candle in the house - one I think we've had since like, 2003.  It's a bit haggard, but I figured it'd work for trial-run purposes.

Now, in true Sarah Style, I never actually read the tutorial for making these candles.  I just scrolled through really fast and said no-problem-I'm-making-these.  I grabbed my Martha Stewart Decoupage Glue and had at it. 

Scary!  Halloween's over!

The vellum is peeling! 

Wrinkly baby face!

The ink schmeared!

Not.  Good.

So, in NO WAY is this meant to be a bad review of the original tutorial.  I actually went back and *read* the thing, and when I got to the part about kitchens and pots and boiling water, I jumped out the window in a ball of fear-fire.

I think I'll try again - it's SUCH a beautiful result, if you're willing to, aherm, do it right.
If I DO successfully accomplish these candles, disregard this post, as you'll be receiving one for Christmas. 

You never saw this.



  1. Haha..good try tho; they are lovely.
    Looking forward to getting mine :), I'll be so suprised!!



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