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We're Friends!

Me and the Singer, that is!

Ahh, how GOOD it feels to be sewing again!  After all the hemming (pun intended) and hawing, I LOVE this machine.  We have officially made nice.  For proof, see Prudent Baby Baby Pants, V2.0, below:
[disclaimer: my photography at the moment, is sh*tty, at best]

Scrumptious Limited stretch-corduroy pants that used to be mine.

Little tag!  Ah!

This pic is a note-to-self to save up for a new flippen camera!

For these pants I used an older pair of Limited cords I got pre-baby.  Funny thing is - they fit like Mom Jeans then, and fit better after I had the Loubeedoo.  Nonetheless, they still fit funny, and I wasn't ever going to wear them.  Perfect candidate for Lou Pants!

Love them!  And they fit her!  And she wore them all day today!



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