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Finished Object(s)!

Little Miss wasn't feeling her best last night :(, so she went to bed really early.  She's much better this morning!  Yay!

But, since she went to bed so early, I got a boat-load of sewing done!  Hoorah!!

We're going to a one year olds birthday party on Sunday, and initially I was going to gift her one of the things I've made for Emmy that's too big, but I decided last minute to whip her up something of her very own!  Sweet, yes?

So, I made her a version of the Charlotte Dress from Mama Stellato.  I've already made one of these for Emmylou, so I knew the pattern was super easy and fast!  And cute!

I just shortened the length by quite a bit, at least 4 inches I would guess.  And I didn't add the adorable sash.  I didn't add it on Emmys either, so I totes need to make this again - as a dress, with the sash.  Ya know, like the actual pattern.  :)

Half Painted Wall - Don't judge me.

This print elates me :)
Little Corduroy Faces!
I even added a little tag!

How cute, right?!  I LOVE that pattern so much.  It whips up in like 45 minutes, and it's perfect for showing off precious fabrics that I can't seem to stop collecting.

And now as if that weren't exciting enough, I also made LEGGINGS!!!


Gah!!  I finally put on my Big Girl Pants and sewed something that required a serious upping of my skills.  I have been wanting, needing to make these silly cute Baby Pants from Made By Rae for SOOO long, but I was terrified of a) sewing with knits, b) using a stitch other than straight, and c) buying the right foot for my machine.

But, I have this stitch on my machine called 'overcast', and a corresponding 'overcast foot'.  Apparently these two things have been in my possession for a while, as they came with the sewing machine.  Are you picking up my sarcasm here?

I'm a dim-wit!  I could've been bumping these babies out for months now!  And it was soooo easy to do!!!  Look how lovely this overcast business is:


And the stitch stretches just as much as the fabric itself.  Who knew?!  Oh right, everyone.  :)
Now, along with WonkCandles, you will all be getting leggings for Christmas.  That means you, Bobby.

Me and the Missus are going over to the Good Will this afternoon to score some cheap-o sweaters!  I'm super excited to try out some of Kathleens awesome refashions!  Check'm out!

 Have a great weekend everyone!

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