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Wherein I Whine.

So since the untimely death of my Brother and subsequent replacement, I've had the task of getting acquainted with my new friend, a Singer.   Please, to meet her:

We're both sort of giving eachother the stink-eye for whatever reason (what hers is, I couldn't gander a guess), but in honesty - she feels a bit sturdier than my Brother did.  I'm sure we'll be fine.  

The one thing I don't think I'll get used to or ever come to like, is the Crouching Shuttle Hidden Bobbin.  wtf.  Going from a drop-in bobbin to this?  I don't recommend it.  How am I supposed to know when I'm low on bobbin thread?  It just seems like the only way you'll ever find out that your out of bobbin thread will be in a frustrating and time-consuming way. 

That said, I feel good about the amount of metal parts to this machine.  I think only the outer bits are plastic.  There's a sense of security in that, for sure.  And I suppose the fact that it doesn't have a puppy on the front could suggest that I'm moving up in the trade.

Gosh, I'll miss that pup though.  :)

And on a related note, I am definitely in the market for new camera, as mine is still on deaths door.  Still a black screen when I turn it on and aim.  It's like 5 years old anyway, and has seen the World (6 States) so I don't feel too bad about retiring her, rather than getting her fixed.  I'm thinking I'll save my pennies up for this Bad Larry:

I die.

It's like my old 35mm, but digital - no film! (and not in pieces on the cobblestones of Italy!) 
I am going to wait and research a bit more about these hybrid-type cameras.  I'm not really sold one way or the other on cameras.  Some people swear by manual - some by digital.  I want the performance and photographic quality of a manual with the convenience of a digital.  Obvi, I need something that can easily go from camera to computer - so a film camera is pretty much out-the question.  
Is this the one?  I know at least a few of you are into photography, so any suggestions would be super!

Oh, hai!  I stand!

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